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First Time Homebuyer's Education Course

Omni Affordable Housing Inc’s mission is to educate individuals, families, and underserved communities to build wealth and provide home ownership by building and refurbishing homes to be sold at an affordable price. We operate in and serve the Northern & Central Virginia areas.

Our vision is to bridge the gap in homeownership so that everyone may have an affordable and sustainable place they can call home. We can achieve this through partnerships with government, state, and community organizations and the utilization of creative & affordable financial options. If you are a veteran, senior or a person in the low to moderate-income bracket this program is perfect for you. Let us help you put the pieces of homeownership together.

In the face of an ongoing housing shortage crisis, Omni Affordable Housing recognizes the urgent need for innovative solutions to provide safe and affordable homes for individuals and families in our community. Traditional construction methods often face challenges such as high labor costs and lengthy construction timelines, exacerbating the housing shortage.

However, we are committed to tackling this issue head-on by embracing modern construction technologies like Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). By utilizing SIPs Panels, we can reduce construction time by up to 30%, significantly accelerating the pace of affordable home construction.

This not only allows us to meet the increasing demand for housing more efficiently but also enables us to provide quality homes at a faster rate, offering hope and stability to those in need. At Omni Affordable Housing, we believe that by embracing innovation and efficiency, we can make meaningful strides towards addressing the housing shortage and building a brighter future for our community." 
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Sign up for our homebuyer's course here. Please note that this is an in person event for Virginia residents only. If you happen to miss the event don't worry, we will update the link periodically with the upcoming course. If the link is inactive it means we do not have an upcoming event planned.

Housing Programs

Housing Stability - OAHI exists to provide high-quality housing for low- and moderate-income citizens of Virginia. In pursuit of this goal, the agency strives to deliver the best possible service in a people-sensitive fashion. All efforts revolve around the premise that the quality of our work directly affects the quality of life of those served.  Move In, Move Up, Move Out. OAHI offers several ways to help Virginia residents who need to move into stable housing and work toward self-sufficiency. . For nearly all our customers, the dream of owning a home is available through our Smart-Based Homeownership Program.

Omni Affordable Housing Inc.'s housing program is designed to address the pressing need for affordable housing by leveraging a multifaceted approach. This program focuses on constructing new affordable housing units and placing new mobile homes in strategic locations to serve low-income families and individuals. Through a combination of public and private funding, Omni Affordable Housing Inc. ensures that these housing solutions are both sustainable and accessible, fostering communities where residents can thrive. The organization collaborates with local governments, non-profits, and community stakeholders to identify areas with the highest need and to streamline the development process.

In addition to building new housing, Omni Affordable Housing Inc. is committed to rehabilitating existing mobile home parks acquired through its social enterprise initiatives. This aspect of the program aims to revitalize these communities by upgrading infrastructure, improving living conditions, and ensuring long-term affordability for current and future residents. By focusing on both new construction and rehabilitation, Omni Affordable Housing Inc. addresses the diverse needs of the housing market, ensuring that more families have access to safe, affordable, and quality homes. This holistic approach not only provides immediate housing solutions but also contributes to the overall stability and growth of the communities served.

Available Assistance

The OAHI Home Ownership Program provides first-time homebuyers with a range of services to assist in purchasing their first home.

There are private counseling sessions to review your credit, income, and assets to help identify any obstacles. In the case that there needs to be corrective action, counselors will help you develop and stick to a sensible plan.

We hold 8-hour Homebuyer Workshops to qualify for many first-time homebuyer loan products in the area.

OAHI helps with loan prequalification, and applications, and identifies special financing programs. Additionally, we refer borrowers to realtors and lenders that are particularly knowledgeable about the first-time homebuyers' market.

Post-Purchase Counseling can benefit clients who need extra support to stick to their household budgets or face unexpected circumstances that affect their ability to pay their mortgage. OAHI can help advise first-time homeowners with several issues like expensive maintenance issues, refinancing, or even foreclosure.


To qualify and take advantage of the OAHI Home Ownership Program, applicants must be employed for at least a year and have an earned annual income based on the state of Virginia medium family income for very low, low & moderate income based on the number of persons in your household https://www.navigatehousing.com/income-limits/. You must be first-time homebuyers who have not owned a home within the past three years, must have completed an initial lease term, and be in good standing with their current landlord. Applicants are required to enroll and complete all required homeownership counseling and provide the greater of $500 or 1% towards the purchase transaction.

Note: All information mentioned above was accurate at the time of publication and may no longer be current - visit the program website for updated information.


Donation Amount

Outreach imageOutreach imageOutreach image
Starting in year 3 of our organization we will begin our outreach program. The OAHI group is passionate about giving back to the community and will be partnering with local trade organizations to teach trade skills to our clients and the community. These courses will range from woodworking, general repairs, gardening, and IT solutions.  Your generous donations will assist us in funding these programs as well.
Here's a quick breakdown of some frequently asked questions

  1. Where are you located?
    1. OAHI is located in Fredericksburg, VA, as such, we service Virginia exclusively at this time.
  2. Do you provide rental assistance?
    1. We are not a rental assistance organization, our main goal at this time is to help you become a homeowner.
  3. What services do you provide?
    1. As a nonprofit we do not provide any paid services, but we do offer financial and real estate related education. Our homeownership program is an extension of the regular homebuying process.
  4. Can we partner with your nonprofit?
    1. Absolutely, feel free to call us at (540)-693-5024 to talk or schedule a meeting.
  5. Do you provide emergency housing?
    1. At this time OAHI does not provide emergency housing or assistance in any way.
  6. How do I know if I qualify for the program?
    1. If you are low-moderate income, disabled, or a veteran you likely qualify for our homeownership program.

OAHI would not be able to help others without your generous donations. We'd like to thank each of you once again for your contribution to our cause.

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